Friday, September 23, 2011

Survey results

Hi everyone,

Thank you to the 12 people who answered the tablet pre-survey so far. I promised Brett I would post results. I don't see an icon to add an attachment, I do have the results saved in a pdf.

4 responders are male
8 responsers are female

6 own a tablet
6 do not

Of those who own a tablet, 33% never use it
50% use it 1-2 times a day
16.7% use it 5-10 times a day
no one uses it more than 10 times a day

All agreed that having a tablet to manipulate prior to using it as a teaching tool
will help.

41% of responders are 51-60
33% are 41-50
16% are 31-40
8% are under 30

58% think their basic computing skill will improve using a tablet
41% do no think their basic computing skills will improve using a tablet

The other questions required multiple answers so I need to go through and review them.



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