Friday, October 14, 2011

neu.Annotate PDF

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to download this free app, you should give it a try. This allows you to open a PDF file and annotate or grade it like you would traditionally.
  • creates an electronic copy of corrections and notes
  • great for online classes where students submit essays
  • easier to use than using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes
  • switching between different pen colors and highlighters is easier
  • can create a bank of common notes to use over and over
  • can insert images from your camera roll (library of images)
  • have to use a stylus and learn to write with a stylus
  • switching between tools can be a little tricky
  • can only annotate PDF files
  • can only email the document from the email account associated with the iPad
Below is a video I created to illustrate what you can do with it. I sped up the video, so you wouldn’t have sit through all the boring details. I did not use the iPad to create or edit the video.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Use of Apps with IStan

Today we had an IStan simulation and the issue at hand was a stroke. I divided the group into 2 separate groups so while the one group was actively participating, I had the other group looking at my 2 Brain Apps that you can see all the structures and one of the apps explains alot as well.

Anyway, it was a good opportunity to use these apps and they are pretty cool!

Will try again tomorrow.



Ok...I know that it goes without saying that this project is fun. But, I have found a new excitement for learning in a different way. I am 36 and in my educational career as a student I learned through lecture, discussion, case studies, practical exams, paper assignments and more. However, I have not had all incorporated into one until now!

Recently, I downloaded several "anatomy and physiology" based apps to the iPad and just played. My kids and I sat on the couch looking at the brain and testing our knowledge. It was very interactive and engaging for us as a small group.

I am in the process of determining how I can include this into my class while only having one iPad...that is where I am currently stuck. I bought a $4 app on rotator cuff rehabilitation and I would love to use it in my human movement class. But, I am at a standstill because even if I got access to 5-25 iPads for my students to interact with, I would need to pay $4 per iPad to get the app which can really add up! So, I am using the information from the app to write out background handout and creating supplemental materials to accompany the app. I am looking at having one iPad station and the rest of the stations more ‘hands on’ or paper based.

I will let you all know how it goes once I get there!