Thursday, September 8, 2011

6th day; student comments!

Today, we are going to let the students comment on their experiences with the tablets. "Roses" are good things, and "Thorns" are the challenges.  See the comments to this post.


  1. Roses- I find that the tablets are very easy to navigate once you get used to them. Using Google+ makes it easier to stay communicated with each other. We can ask questions to each other, make posts, and stay in contact with our instructors. Its especially nice to use for class because we can directly post a link to Google+ to share with the class and we can also post pictures that we have taken with the tablets.

    Thorns- The biggest problem I have with the tablet is Angel. Its difficult to sign-in to and even more difficult to navigate. Sometimes its hard to click something, because the link or button is so small that you either don't click it or click something else; and when you try to zoom in, you end up pressing something you didn't want to. The other thing that I have found as a problem is the unpredictable times that an app on the tablet will shut off. I have had two times when my browser has shut me off unexpectedly while I was web browsing.

  2. Rose - Google+ is a great center "base" for this class and the classroom. I really love that I can find relevant links and share them with the class easily, and also see/respond to other people's links and postings.

    Thorn - probably Parkland's bandwidth issue. Even when I am not in the classroom and trying to access the same thing on the Internet as everyone else, I still struggle to get a good connection speed anywhere on the campus. I know Parkland has already updated their bandwidth, but I'm afraid in the era of new technology, it will be done many more times.

  3. Rose- The tablet has been great for following along in class, looking up things that go with our discussion, and communicating with everyone. It also has usually made our out of class assignments a breeze.

    Thorn- I have had some difficulty similar to that of Liz, it logs me off of angel, and other apps when I am in the middle of doing something i.e. reading. I have also had a lot of trouble getting my update, every time I try it times out and loses the update.

    Overall, I have really enjoyed using my tablet and even though there have been some down sides, they are only small ones compared to how convenient and helpful it has been!

  4. Roses- The tablet is lightweight and a lot easier to tote around than a computer. The tablet Saves trees because we do not need books or paper, so we also save ink and lead (less need for pens and pencils). The tablets make it easy to communicate with the instructors or other students if you have a question, and finally the tablet is one supply opposed to the multiple books, notebooks, folders, papers, pens, etc. that is needed for the class. In a way the tablet can make the class experience less stressful. The apps on the tablet make "classwork" convenient.

    Thorns-You can not always guarantee the outcome of technology. The tablet does not totally replace computers or more traditional methods for homework. Since tablet computers are relatively new, not all apps work how we want or expect them, but nonetheless there is a place to email the creator of the app about issues and they usually respond in a timely manner.

    When it all boils down, I say that there are definitely more roses in the bouquet. The tablet makes organization for the class and doing the work much simpler, thus enabling us to get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Not to mention the wonders that a paperless class does for the environment. I think that more classes should convert over to paperless!!!