Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tour of One Earth Energy

This is the photo of the class at the end of our tour of the ethanol plant in Gibson City, IL.

Due to restrictions, we couldn't use our tablets to take pictures of things other than the students, or collect data. An app that would be great would be one that has icons represnting all the parts of ethanol production randomized on the screen. Through the tour, students drag the icons into a correct order and submit their flow chart.
I'm trying to do this via a general flow chart app.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I found another useful app. It's called pdf-note. It allows you to annotate PDF files with highlighting, drawing features, and typed text in the margins. The file can then be emailed or uploaded to ANGEL and the annotations and notes in the margin remain.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Issues with the iPad

In the short time that I have had the iPad, I have figured out one important thing: The iPad is not a computer. It is a vehicle for using apps. We tend to think of apps in the traditional way as an application like a word processing program, but the apps for iPad are a much similar concept.

I have also learned that there are basically two types of apps: stand-alone apps and apps that require continuous Internet access to function. Because our iPads did not come with the 3G network, we have to rely on WiFi to work some apps. This is a big drawback. In order for faculty to get the full benefit of the iPad, either individual faculty members need to purchase access to the network and pay a monthly fee for using it or the college would have to pay large sums so faculty could have access. Using the iPad only on Parkland's campus is a bit unrealistic, but the cost to connect to the network is also prohibitive.

The last thing that is bothering me about the iPad is there doesn't seem to be a wireless way to project your iPad screen to your computer, such as to the instructor work-station in LCD equipped classrooms. This is a very basic concept that seems to be largely overlooked. I will investigate this problem more.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Working out the Kinks

Got my Android tablet, installed anti-virus first thing. I'm really interested in statistics apps, so that's where I will start. I'm hoping to find some cool stuff.

Working out the kinks still, though. Having trouble on the web with the tablet. When I scroll down the page and click on something, it thinks I'm clicking on the link higher up on the page that used to be there. Strange. I'm in a hotel, so not sure if this is a bad wi-fi lag or what. Will try again at home.