Sunday, September 25, 2011

Working out the Kinks

Got my Android tablet, installed anti-virus first thing. I'm really interested in statistics apps, so that's where I will start. I'm hoping to find some cool stuff.

Working out the kinks still, though. Having trouble on the web with the tablet. When I scroll down the page and click on something, it thinks I'm clicking on the link higher up on the page that used to be there. Strange. I'm in a hotel, so not sure if this is a bad wi-fi lag or what. Will try again at home.


  1. I have used the Android tablet quite a bit and I don't know that I've ever experienced that. The thing I don't like about the android browser is that the back and forward buttons scroll up with the page, so in order to click 'back' you have to scroll back up to the top first.

    I'll be curious to know if you still have that problem when you're back in town...