Tuesday, October 4, 2011

eTextbook Apps

I think one of the best reasons, as an educator, to invest in the iPad is the movement toward eTextbooks. For years, I have been jealous of all the ancillaries that other disciplines like social science get with their textbooks: they get a bank of videos, interactive online games, PowerPoint presentations, practice questions, etc. I believe for the younger generation and other visual and/or kinesthetic learners, these ancillaries are a gold mind. For these students (and me), the learning process becomes three-dimensional with these ancillaries. There are many ebook apps available, but my absolute favorite it Inkling. This app has managed to do something the other eTextbook apps have not done, and that is fully intergrate the ancillaries into the text of the book. With most eTextbooks, clicking on a video or an activity, takes you to another page and then students have to navigate back to the text. With Inkling, the transition is seemless--and beautiful.

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