Monday, October 10, 2011


Ok...I know that it goes without saying that this project is fun. But, I have found a new excitement for learning in a different way. I am 36 and in my educational career as a student I learned through lecture, discussion, case studies, practical exams, paper assignments and more. However, I have not had all incorporated into one until now!

Recently, I downloaded several "anatomy and physiology" based apps to the iPad and just played. My kids and I sat on the couch looking at the brain and testing our knowledge. It was very interactive and engaging for us as a small group.

I am in the process of determining how I can include this into my class while only having one iPad...that is where I am currently stuck. I bought a $4 app on rotator cuff rehabilitation and I would love to use it in my human movement class. But, I am at a standstill because even if I got access to 5-25 iPads for my students to interact with, I would need to pay $4 per iPad to get the app which can really add up! So, I am using the information from the app to write out background handout and creating supplemental materials to accompany the app. I am looking at having one iPad station and the rest of the stations more ‘hands on’ or paper based.

I will let you all know how it goes once I get there!


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