Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some data on the students' perspectives

I have to post more about how the end of our pilot class using tablets went, but for right now, I'm just going to post some data from a survey I did with our students. In the end, we didn't use them in class that much, mostly because we couldn't all get on wifi and take a quick quiz, download a new app, do clickers with Socrative Student/Teacher, or use angel. Students still brought them to class and we could pull up websites and such, and we also continue to use google docs for our labs. It also seemed that the students weren't using them that much.  We wondered what was up so we asked a few questions:

On average, I use my tablet: 
only during class- 10%
1-3 times per week outside of class, and during class- 60%
3-5 times per week outside of class, and during class- 20%
every day of the week, and during class- 10%

60% liked using google+ for class communication, but 40% didn't.

Student responses when asked, "I would use my tablet more if..." :
it was actually mine
it functions smoother
it was faster
it wasn't so slow and functioned better
I like the the tablet wctually, I think more classes whould have them.
I did not own a iPad
Î had more time
I could have more than one application on the screen at the same time.
we used it more in class and had a better internet connection.
It was a 3G device

Other general comments included that they wished for a "better device", really wished for 3G devices, wished for better reliable wifi so we could all use the devices in class, would recommend getting netbooks rather than the tablets (they said tablets are output devices, not input devices so it was hard to type and enter data on the tablets), and that they wish they could keep the device.



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