Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wifi is working and the ipads can run Angel!!!

Today was a successful tablet day in class! First, I think it's important to note that we have decided we don't have to use the tablets for EVERYTHING, like we were trying to do last semester. Ironically, as soon as we stopped worrying about it, everything works beautifully.

We had students using Edmodo to access course material and using the feed. All 7 students took two polls that Curtis posted since the last class, and we were able to use those anonymous data in class discussion.

I posted the url for an Ecological Footprint quiz that I use every semester, and all 7 students + Curtis and I were able to link to it, and take the quiz without any delay or concerns.

Curtis also discovered that if you switch Angel to PDA mode, that Angel works perfectly on the ipad. It's simple and plain, but that doesn't matter at all when it works! Most students chose to open the lecture powerpoint on their ipads and follow along.

Though we just used the tablets for enhancing lecture today, and doing a short activity, having the mobile devices in the hands of every student felt good.  A couple of Edmodo posts were made during lecture, which is what we want. It will probably take a few class periods to break the habit of not using your mobile device during class!

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