Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Articulate Storyline - Beta Testing

Over the last two years I have been tinkering with an E-learning authoring software called Articulate Studio. With it you can create non-linear Powerpoint based lessons,quizzes and surveys. The software would publish your content in a flash based output.

With the surge of iOS and mobile computing, the company is evolving to publishing in iOS and HTML5 as flash is being relegated in the mobile computing world. I was fortunate to be invited to the Beta testing phase of the "evolving product" now called StoryLine (SL).

I have found it to be very flexible in creating custom made exercises/lessons for both the web(PC/MAC) and mobile devices. Rather than searching for the right free app to provide my students with the content I want them to know or I want to test them on, I simply build the presentation or quiz. The students in turn can access the material; through the web (posted link using dropbox/angel) using a PC/MAC/iOS or Android device; download the iOS Articulate player app to enjoy unlimited interactivity with the material using an iPad.

Here is a sample for an anatomy and physiology practice quiz I built:

  1. For web browser click Web access
  2. For unlimited iPad access first download the the Mobile articulate player, then iOS access

I envision a paperless class can be built entirely by using SL or Studio for cross-platform student access.

Let me know what you think and the possible potential applications to your course!?


  1. That is a very cool app. Very interactive. This would work great for students in Veterinary Technology. I would like to be able to design or use apps like this.

    1. I would be more than glad to show you what the software can do. It really puts you in the designer's seat as you can build modules to suit your exact needs.