Monday, April 2, 2012

1) What have you found most interesting and/or useful in your use of the tablet thus far?
 The ease of transporting the tablet and using it in the classroom.  The tablet is much easier to bring into the classroom and use.  Students can gather around the tablet easier for group work.  It is also much easier to work with a student on the tablet than a typical computer as it can be easily angled so everyone can see what is on the screen.

2) What challenge(s) have you experienced or do you foresee?
The biggest challenge I have faced is navigating the Android Market.  There are so many different applications and the organization just does not seem to make sense to me.  I think I've been pretty spoiled as a daily iPad user.  I find the Apple App store to be so much easier to use.  One way I have tried to deal with the difficulty of finding apps is by doing web searches.  Basically I've been looking for lists of 'top' apps.  Then I can follow the link provided.

3) What do you plan to explore or try out next?
The first app that I found (Mindjet) really works well for students that are visual learners.  I am going to try and find an app that might work well for other types of learners.

4) Describe (briefly) one idea for a "mini-app" that you'd like to have developed for you/your students.
A sentence diagramming app would be really useful.  There is currently one for iOS, but I have not been able to find anything for Android.  See here for more.

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