Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1) What have you found most interesting and/or useful in your use of the tablet thus far?
The most interesting use that I just discovered was Ike's anatomy/physiology quiz he built from e-learning software. When I asked the students what kind of apps they would like to use, they suggested touch apps regarding anatomy and use of the anesthetic machine. This type of e-learning software would be excellent for the Vet Tech program.

I did download an applications with sample questions for the NVTE (national veterinary technician examination). In my rotation classes, we spent a class answering the questions as a group. It did give me the idea that these students would benefit from a rotation designed to study for the national exam and how to logic through answering these questions.

2) What challenge(s) have you experienced or do you foresee?
Weeding through all the medical type apps to find one useful was the most challenging. This take alot of time. Still have some issues with wireless connection in the L wing but it does seem to be better. I am kind of a "lurcher" in this pilot study.....I have been using my personal iPad (original version) which will not connect to classroom projectors so that limited my use.

3) What do you plan to explore or try out next?

E-learning software. Is there any basic, low-cost options to start?

4) Describe (briefly) one idea for a "mini-app" that you'd like to have developed for

An app that practices identifying the parts of an anesthetic unit.

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