Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun with electricity, even without apps

Today we used the tablets to take photos of us lighting a lightbulb by making a circuit out of ourselves, and to record data about transformers, circuits, and resistance.  I wish we had  an app for each lab. There has to be a way to do everything we need to do in a lab: easily see instructions, enter data, use a calculator, answer questions/ submit answers, and make a graph without flipping back and forth among screens and apps and browsers.  I have scoured the market and I don't think these devices are being used much in a classroom setting.  I can't find a simple graphing app!

But on a positive note, the tablets are very handy. They are easy to carry, easy to enter data with, use a calculator, take photos, and share information. I like using them in lab; the only clunky thing is that there is no app for each lab and we are having to create everything with google spreadsheets.

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