Friday, September 23, 2011

iPad up and running

Me again everyone,

I finally have my iPad functioning. Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin About Love" just I have Nelly's "Air Force Ones" blaring loudly :) What happens if we blow the speakers?

Let me explain how to start the not-so-intuitive iPad for those who might still have theirs in the nice soft case:

The on/off switch is a small black rubber button at the top on the BACK of the iPad, it is Not the obvious button on the front.
Take out the white cord and connect the flat end to the bottom of the iPad, the smaller end fits nicely into the USB port on your computer monitor or CPU (tower). Be sure your computer is turned on first.
iTunes opens and you are prompted to register your iPad. If you have an account with Apple you sign in, if you don't you create an account.
Answer a few questions regarding who you are and what you are using the iPad for then click "continue."
What happens next is you get a message that says, "Buscar Mi iPad gratis" I must have accidently clicked some other language than English? :)
Click what looks like "no" and then answer questions about what you want iPad to automatically sync: songs, videos, pictures, etc.

I might have forgetten a step but hopefully you will sail right through. Of course if you have an apple account but forgot your apple password, you have to wait until a link it sent to your email so that you can reset it and write it down so you don't forget.

Have a great weekend everyone - I will be app shopping tonight.

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  1. Thanks, Kim for sharing these steps with everyone. I've not had a chance to play around with the iPad just yet so this is helpful! Did you find any apps over the weekend?